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Refer a Caregiver Student for Enrollment through our Advantage Program

Have you ever found yourself saying:

“I had to cancel my vacation because my caregiver just didn’t show”

“Do you have any graduated caregivers? I can’t find any employees”

“ I’m overworking my good caregivers “

"I want more reliable staff”

“Im spending so much money in overtime” 

With our Advantage Program you won't hear yourself saying that again!

Program details:

Tier 1 - Ignite (10% Off)

Tier 2 - Growth (15% Off)

Tier 3 - Innovator (20% Off)

  How it Works: Tiers will be determined based on the total cumulative Employees you have enrolled at the Academy for the past three years.

10% OFF for 1-5 enrollments 

15% OFF for 6-10 enrollments

20% OFF for 11+ enrollments

 To begin or continue your journey with our Advantage Program, just keep shopping with us. Your tier will be automatically upgraded based on your spending. Our aim is to ensure you receive all the benefits you deserve! 

Thank you for choosing Academy On-Demand. We're honored to have you as a valued client, and we can't wait for you to start enjoying the rewards of our new Advantage Program.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated admissions team at [email protected] or (888) 595-5010.

Enroll away!

*If you have purchased one of Assisted Living Caregiver Bundle Packages, then you can ALSO use this form to refer your caregiver student. Please remember state testing fee of $65 is not included ANY enrollment prices.*


Tosha Perkins, Mountain View Retirement Village
I just wanted to share that I have been working with Academy On-Demand, for 6 months now. I have referred several staff to them and they  have always taken very good care of them. The Acadmey On-Demand team keeps great communication open with me. They send updates on the students I send to them and always update me with upcoming changes as well as any questions I have ever had regarding my staff, my openings and information about there policies. I will continue to use Academy on Demand for the educational piece for my staff to further their career in healthcare.
Thank you Academy On-Demand!

Sharon Faubush, Faubush Family Homes

Academy On-Demand has been essential to my Assisted Living Facilities. The staff is always professional and generous with their time. They have provided my employees with the tools they need to become awesome caregivers and pass their State Exam..