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Bundle your employee's training and save until the end of the 2023!

We know training your caregivers is one of the most important investments you will make, did you know that investing in your employees increases their loyalty to your organization?

Our Student Success Advisors are dedicated to working with each student to ensure their success and maximize your investment, meaning, the more people you hire and train, the less open shifts you will have, resulting in better care for your residents!  

When you purchase a Caregiver training bundle with us, you have all of 2023 to use them. Our bundle program is going away, but not before giving employers the opportunity to participate! We are offering a great bonus during the last days of this program:

  • Free First Aid and CPR vouchers with bundle purchase purchases 
    • Bundle package of 5 will receive 1 voucher, savings of $50
    • Bundle package of 10 will receive 3 vouchers, savings of $150
    • Bundle package of 20 will receive 10 vouchers, savings of $500
    • Bundle package of 40 will receive 20 vouchers, savings of $1,000
  • Additional discount for all bundles paid before December 31, 2022.
    • Bundle package of 5 will receive $250 off
    • Bundle package of 10 will receive $400 off
    • Bundle package of 20 will receive $750 off
    • Bundle package of 40 will receive $1,000 off

Pssst! Here's a tip: Team up with sister properties and split the bundles between each other.  


Tosha Perkins, Mountain View Retirement Village
I just wanted to share that I have been working with Academy On-Demand, for 6 months now. I have referred several staff to them and they  have always taken very good care of them. The Acadmey On-Demand team keeps great communication open with me. They send updates on the students I send to them and always update me with upcoming changes as well as any questions I have ever had regarding my staff, my openings and information about there policies. I will continue to use Academy on Demand for the educational piece for my staff to further their career in healthcare.
Thank you Academy On-Demand!

Sharon Faubush, Faubush Family Homes

Academy On-Demand has been essential to my Assisted Living Facilities. The staff is always professional and generous with their time. They have provided my employees with the tools they need to become awesome caregivers and pass their State Exam.. 

Choose the enrollment bundle that meets your needs

Bundle Programs are available to purchase through January 15th, 2023.


This bundle includes 5 caregiver certificates; with this purchase, you receive 1/2 off the one caregiver.

Savings of $300 = 1/2 caregiver tuition



This bundle includes 10 caregiver certificates; with this purchase, you receive10 for the price of 9.

Savings of $600 = 1 caregiver tuition



This bundle includes 20 caregiver certificates; with this purchase, you receive 20 for the price of 17.

Savings of $1,800 = 3 caregiver tuitions



This bundle includes 40 caregiver certificates; with this purchase, you receive 40 for the price of 33.

Savings of $4,200 = 7 caregiver tuitions


Program Outline

Save time and money by purchasing caregiver enrollments in bulk at a huge discount. Then, when you a hire a new caregiver, you can enroll them immediately into the training program and fast-track them on their way to certification. You don't have to use all the vouchers at once you have up to a year to use them

In a matter of weeks have all of your caregivers trained and certified with the Academy for Caregiving's online course:

  • 62 hours of online course work

  • Medication and nursing skills training

  • Practice tests for state certification exam

  • High first-time passing rates

Do you have sister properties across Arizona?

Purchase a large bundle and share it between multiple properties in Arizona