Refer a Caregiver Student for Enrollment

If you have purchased one of Assisted Living Caregiver Bundle Packages, then you can use this form to refer your caregiver student. Please remember state testing fee of $65 is not included in bundles.

Once we receive this form our process will start and here is a small breakdown of what to expect.

  • Student will receive an email from us requesting them to book an appointment for our admissions exam
    • Admission exam ensure student will be successful in this program
    • Admissions exam will assess if student has six grade level or higher reading, math and critical thinking skills.
    • Admissions exam is administered live at one of our facilities
  • Student must pass admissions exam with an 80% or higher, student will receive two attempts
  • After passing admissions exam student will receive an email with enrollment paperwork, this must be completed before access to course begins
  • After enrollment paperwork is complete student will be assigned a student advisor that will guide him through the rest of the course and they will receive course access