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How to keep employees happy and wanting to stay with your company.

Aug 29, 2022

Navigating today's troubled waters of employee and employer relationships has never been more difficult.  But, that doesn't make it impossible. We have three ways to help you increase your relationship with your staff so that they will stay longer, and deliver better service to your residents and patients.

  1. A clear roadmap for success!
    • Being unclear about what you expect decreases morale and job satisfaction. Write down each team member's top priorities, and review them together monthly or weekly.
    • You need to truly define what success looks like, how to achieve it, and what does success leads to (pay increase, recognition, rewards). Without this clearly defined, employees are left in the dark not knowing what you expect of them.
  2. Invite them to the company's mission!
    • We all want purpose in our lives and we want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. This is a golden opportunity for leaders to define what that is for your organization, and get your team on board to deliver it.
    • If you currently don't have a mission, don't worry. Simply develop a 90-day plan to deliver something important to your residence and invite your team to invest themselves into that. Even better, create the plan together!
  3. Compensation!
    • Great talent should get great pay. We know this is not always easy. But, when the opportunity arises to be able to pay your team better, do so.
    • The great news is most employees don't leave due to compensation, many seek recognition, engagement, and purpose.

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